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We at the National Packers & Movers also provide for the best of the warehousing services and storage services for storage of a stock of items. We provide esteemed and excellent storing facilities for corporate and storage godowns with proper security at economic prices.

Movers and packers in jail road offer a lot of advantages on warehousing facility. These are :

-Delivery of goods on customer demand

-Providing easy accessibility for the processing of orders and distribution of products with cost effectiveness

-Timely pick up and on time delivery by well maintained vehicles having cargo carrying capabilities

-Experienced and professional team to handle all the activities such as loading, unloading etc.

-Well managed inventory

-Round the clock security arrangements

-Proper pest or insect control measures

-Specialized & customized storage systems with exclusive designs -Convenient facilities to handle large inventories

-Damage and loss prevention

We have different categories for storage depending on the time period of storage :

Short Term Storage Services :- As the name suggests, this service offers a temporary phase of storage while the final settlement of destination location is done.

Long Term Storage Services :- Here the re-locator takes a notice of certain time say 1 or 2 weeks from the client for shifting. The time period is fixed before the beginning of the time period but can also be revised in the end if need be.

Storage in Transit (SIT) :- If there is any halt or stoppage in the journey, then the items and goods are stored securely for temporary time in the warehouse of the company. This service is free up to a certain period or can be completely paid; this depends on the policies of the movers & packers and also the nature of goods. This service can also be counted under short term storage service.

Overnight Storage Services :- As the name suggests, this facility can be availed for a night if there is any scheduling issue. This service saves time and money of the customer. The customer does not have to pay extra for loading or unloading, packing or unpacking. Otherwise the customer has to rent a storage space for the packed items but with us it is not that way. We provide hassle free transport for the items and overnight storage if required.

Self Storage Services :- this facility is best suited for personal as well as business purpose. In this service, the client himself does the packing and gets them to the office.

we boast of our high-end warehousing services to store

your household items such as furniture. Our warehouses can store huge amount of corporate and industrial goods such as automobiles.

Our warehousing services include proper management of your inventories and sending them to the clients on your directions. These warehouses have specially designed system for climate control that aims of keeping your perishable goods entirely safe and secure for a long period. Our professionals are equipped with surveillance devices and technology to monitor your goods in warehouse. Our expert team of warehousing Professionals takes all the necessary steps to maintain safety of the goods.